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Thinking about your eligibility for a home loan?

You could surf around for mortgage calculators & comparisons, or just call us.


Your call matters to us

homeLoanHQ won't over-promise and under-deliver. You can call us, tell us what you want & we'll see if we can provide an answer.


We're here when you need us most

Two questions new customers ask are "am I eligible for a home loan" & "how long does it take". We can answer both quickly and tell you what's important to get your deal done.


Trusted since 1985

We're proudly thirty-something; same as some of our clients buying their first property. We help ordinary Aussies navigate the complexities of buying a home. Give us a call. We're eager to help you too.

Why homeLoanHQ?

We're Australian owned & operated. Our mortgage approvals are processed locally and we fund our own loans.

homeLoanHQ customers deal directly with the lender, get a straight answer, save time and get an economical outcome.

Any way you look at it, there's little to lose.




in loans written over the past 15 years
and we've helped hundreds of customers make their dreams of buying a home a reality.’

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If you need "quick & effective" then call us because we're "prompt & smart".

homeLoanHQ people are properly qualified, respect your rights and won't baffle you with industry jargon.